The Good Guys

The ATLANTIS good guys have over 300 years of broadcasting experience between them (You can still call them DJ’s if you want to).

The Presenters

  • Peter Quinn

  • Dave Asher

  • Steve England

  • Rob Day

  • Bill Lee

  • Dave Owen

  • Roger Mathews

  • Bob Noakes

  • Tosh Taylor

  • Kevin Turner

  • Ron Brown

Cast & Crew

  • Vladimir Luganov


  • Jock Tosser

    Chief Engineer

  • Steffano


  • Doris

    The Tea Lady

  • Peter Weathermoore


  • Hans Von Deck


  • Malcolm the Anorak

    Atlantis Fanatic

  • Harry Greenkip

    Millham FC Manager

  • Anthony Hedgehog-Bean

    Mr. Bad Guy

  • Arfur Bailey

    Chairman of Millham FC on Fantasy Island

  • Nick the boatman

    Tender skipper

  • Paul Hustling

    Landlord of the Jolly Roger Pub on Fantasy Island