The Good Guys

Let us introduce you to our wonderful team of presenters with an unbelievable over 300 years of broadcasting experience between them (You can still call them DJ’s if you want to).

The Presenters

  • Peter Quinn

  • Dave Asher

  • Amo

  • Steve England

  • Rob Day

  • Kevin Turner

  • Roger Mathews

  • Bob Noakes

Cast & Crew

  • Vladimir Luganov


  • Jock Tosser

    Chief Engineer

  • Steffano


  • Doris

    The Tea Lady

  • Peter Weathermoore


  • Hans Von Deck


  • Malcolm the Anorak

    Atlantis Fanatic

  • Harry Greenkip

    Millham FC Manager

  • Anthony Hedgehog-Bean

    Mr. Bad Guy